Eyko-chan (eyko_at_rs) wrote,

DS: Whole Outfit! Skirt + Cutsew + Headdress! Great for beginners!

I'm selling an whole Outfit of my own Label Fairy Rock Angel, including skirt, cutsew and headdress:

Details of Cutsew:



(There is another colourway in the pics but I'm selling it in whitexpink)

- made by professional seamstresses, all seams are overlocked

- the skirt has a full elastic waist

- high quality cotton-lace and trimmings

- pretty star aplique on skirt

- nice collar details at the cutsew


Skirt: waist: 65cm - 85cm, Length: about 45cm

Cutsew: bust: 88cm, waist: 80cm, length: 52cm

The included Headdress is a round headdress, which is hold with a clip, the diameter is about 12cm.

Price: 70€ / 93usd

Rules of sale:

- feel free to make reasonable offers

- fell free to offer trades for brand-items

- payment only through paypal

- international shipping is 10€

- shipping within Germany is 4€

Edit: I added the photo of the headdress!

And forgott to mention: The set has a reduced price because it's the set which the model has worn in the photoshoot, so the coniditon is like new, worn only one time for about two hours.

You can find the regular selling of this items here: http://eyko-at-rs.livejournal.com/15840.html

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