WTB: Pink Bag


I want to buy a pink bag, it should:

- not have a print theme (exeption: sugary carnival)
- match sugary carnival outfit
- no tote bags
- perferably brand

Please include shipping to germany in your offer!

WTB: Pink AP socks

Hello girls, I'm searching for some pink AP socks to match my sugary carnival skirt.

I prefer simpler designs (for example stripes or one coloured) and don't like the ones with lace that much (except merry go round!).
I also would prefer knee socks but I take a look at overknees too if there are no other avaliable.

Please make offers including shipping to germany!

Feeler WTB: Sugary Carnival Reservation

I know this is nearly impossible but I'm searching for someone how has reserved sugary carnival and would be will to sell it.
Perhaps someone reserved diffrent colours to choose one later??

I would be interested in the skirt in pink, violet or black or (if it's not too expensive) the jsk or op in same colours.

WTB: Pink AP print-skirt

Hey girls,

since my attempt to reserv a sugary carnival skirt failed I want to buy another pink print skirt now.
Something like toy parade, rose toilette, mirricle candy or something simmilar would be great!

It should fit a 72cm waist.

My budget is about 200€ / 250usd

Please make offers including shipping to germany!